Learn Spanish in a week аудиокурс

Скачать аудиокурс Испанского Learn Spanish in a week бесплатно

Learn Spanish in a week аудиокурс
Название: Learn Spanish in a week
Автор: Linguaphone All Talk
Формат: MP3
Размер: 447 Мб
Качество: Отличное
Язык: Английский
Год издания: 2007

Learn Spanish in a week Linguaphone has been successfully teaching people Spanish and various other languages for a long time. Its style is to introduce the learner to a conversation in the target language, then break down the conversation into parts to teach the language aspects....
The part I like about this approach is that you hear the language in a conversational setting. You learn useful words for particular settings, for example meeting people, at the airport, in a restaurant, etc. It avoids learning difficult verb conjugations at the start and gives you the tools to understand and use the language. I’m sure that if the program was continued you would no doubt learn a lot.
However, the problem I have is the approach to the vocabulary. You are given the conversation vocabulary and told to memorise it. When you have memorised the new words, then you can continue to the next part of the program. I don’t like how they put the repetition in the learners’ hands and to be honest, it’s just plain boring. Other programs build the repetition into the learning process and I personally believe this is a much more effective approach, both for learning and motivation.

Learn Spanish in a week аудиокурс

Learn Spanish in a week аудиокурс

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